March 18, 2024

Meet the Team - Chloe, Accounts Apprentice

Wondering what it's like to do an apprenticeship in accounting? In this interview, we explore Chloe's journey.

Wondering what it's like to do an apprenticeship in accounting? In this interview, we explore Chloe's journey from her initial interest to professional pursuit, uncovering the motivations and aspirations that drive their passion for numbers and problem-solving.

What attracted you to a career in accounting?

I have always enjoyed working with numbers. Problem-solving provides me with a great sense of achievement which encourages me to persevere with even the most difficult problems. I completed a GCSE and A level in business studies which only developed my interest in accountancy as I found it most satisfying learning about the growth of businesses in a constantly changing environment. Following a career in accountancy allows me to consider more precisely the figures involved in the finance of a business. Once calculations have been made, interpretations can be formed, which allows me to think more carefully about what the figures show. This then leads me to consider suggestions that can be made to ensure business success for the client.

What was your background before joining Benson Accountants?

Before becoming an apprentice at Benson's, I had just finished my A Levels and was in a part time position working as a store clerk in a local supermarket. I had completed some work experience in another local accountancy firm in order to determine whether it was a career I wanted to pursue, I fully enjoyed this and although I also applied to various Universities, in the end I decided that it would be most beneficial for me to complete an apprenticeship in which I would gain industry experience alongside my studies.

What's your favourite part of your apprenticeship so far?

I have really enjoyed the various aspects of the apprenticeship which mean that I have gained a variety of skills. From working with accounts to processing payroll, completing VAT returns and also carrying out admin jobs I have learnt not only key knowledge on the processes involved in completing a client’s accounts, but I have gained skills in communication and knowledge in VAT and payroll processing. Being able to complete training within a supportive team has greatly assisted my studies, as the knowledge I gain from college has been applied and developed through real-life experiences.

What are your career goals within accounting?

I have completed my AAT Level 2 Qualification in Bookkeeping, and I am currently working towards achieving my AAT Level 3 Qualification in Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements. Once I have completed Level 3 I am aiming to then complete the Level 4 Diploma in Accounting. These are all steps which I am taking with the goal of eventually completing a Chartered Accountancy Qualification. Additionally, I aim to continue developing my confidence in accounting knowledge, as well as improving skills such as teamwork and communication.

What advice would you give to someone considering an accounting apprenticeship?

My advice to someone considering an accountancy apprenticeship is if you are ready to push yourself and you are interested in the career path then go for it! It is greatly beneficial to be gaining industry experience whilst studying for your qualifications as you gain a wide variety of skills such as communication and organisations skills. It may seem daunting to enter employment as it is a significant change from being at school; however, the whole team is highly supportive and friendly, and the variety of tasks means you are consistently developing new skills.

Finally, what is a fun fact about you that people might not know?

When I was younger, I danced at a local dance academy, achieving awards for passing dance exams in jazz and tap. I even danced in my secondary schools production of Beauty and the Beast when I was in Year 8!

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